We are the open-minded team of
Coding Scientists

Thinking outside the box is never passé, and with
the best people for special tasks you can improve
the original idea and turn it into something even better!
But enough of this marketing bullshit.

We can code.

We are always proud of the work we deliver.

We love challenges.

We communicate like human beings.

We are a senior team with a numbers
of diffrent competencies
hungry for new challenges.

We want to take IT outsourcing to a completely new level by making sure we are constantly getting better in specific areas we are passionate about. Exciting projects for us mean tech and creative challenges. We know that paying attention to details affects highest quality - it’s that simple. We deeply care about your overall experience during our cooperation. We promise we’ll do our best to make this smooth, easy and as painless as possible, so just sit back and relax. The result will blow your mind. Okay, so what challenge do you have for us?

Thinking of the project but not sure if someone
will be so daring to do it? Try us!

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Hello and welcome!

We are a team of coding scientists - developers, webmasters, QA testers, and non-tech people.
Surprisingly, we don’t have communication issues - we work as a perfectly normal group of people, just look at our faces!

Although we do like to wear slippers at work.

Sławomir Olszyński


I believe in coworkers, not employees. I don’t like strict rules, such as employer - employee relationship. Let’s save that for a big corpo. I need people to understand that everybody is a part of the team. Couple of teams build a company, where everybody can count on each other. As a good coworker - you make your team even better, and when your team is better - the company is as well. That’s the most important part of your mission. Remember.

Maciej Płatek

Front-end Developer

Krystian Sobolewski

Back-end Developer

Jerzy Kosiński

Back-end Developer

Michał Sobczak

Back-end Developer

Mateusz Świerczyński

QA Specialist

Mirosław Szendzielorz

QA Specialist

Patrycja Salla

Office Manager

Grzegorz Piątek

New Business Manager

Rafał Urbaniec

Project Manager

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45-701 Opole

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33-100 Tarnów

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